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The dark side of Prague on our night walks | EN

McGee’s Ghost Tours of Prague brings you exceptional night tours of Prague. This company has qualified and knowledgable guides of evening Prague making the whole event an unforgettable experience. Prague haunted tours will surely excite you and show you the dark side of Prague as well as its history. And it is especially the dark of night that adds a mysterious atmosphere to these tours. Our guides will take you through the winding streets, show you Prague’s famous and infamous monuments and churches, and make you see all from a diferent perspective. Many secrets can be brought to life if you try to understand them. You will hear stories of death, murder, alchemy, excecutions, and unfortunate souls who used to live here a long time ago. Some of them are said to linger here still…

Prague’s tours

The interesting haunted tours in Prague will turn into unforgettable adventures and experiences. Places in Old Town are full of esoteric symbols. Try to look at this historic city from a different perspective. Extraordinary Prague’s tours such as Prague Castle after Dark will show you an esoteric, but definitelly not less interesting, side of Prague with unusual insight into Prague’s history. Night time will add the right atmosphere to these tours. You will be taken to various winding streets, churches and monuments that wittnessed a great deal.  On our tours you will hear many interesting stories of death, murder, unfortunate souls and betrayal. Very frequently visited tour is Prague Castle after Dark, where you can see the beautiful Prague castle by night.

Some untraditional ghost tours

Ghost Tours of Prague offers several types of Prague haunted tours. Prague Castle after dark is illuminated and being there in this evening atmosphere is truly a memorable experience. Furthermore, you can avoid the unpleasant crowd which is there during the day. A totally unconventional tour is the Underground Walk where you can see a former prison and even a torture chamber, and learn something out of the ordinary. This is definitely a great option if you want to attract the attention to many adolescents. Our Ghosts and Legends of Old Town or Mystery River Cruise are equally interesting. With our guides you will visit lesser known places and you will be engaged in their narration and many many stories as this will definitely be an enjoyable experience.

The dark side of Prague on our night walks | EN
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