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Apple Museum Prague – a unique “apple” Museum | EN

Prague museum aims to pay tribute to the genius visionary Steve Jobs. A man who radically changed the world of digital technology. Now you have the opportunity to closely examine the link to Steve Jobs. You have the opportunity to delve into the mysterious and nostalgic atmosphere of the most successful companies in the history of mankind. Apple Museum in Prague was established from the initiation of the Foundation Centre Pop Art Gallery. Come to this unique “apple” museum to visit you! And what can you expect?

The first floor is home to Steve, the latter comprise a rich collection of computer exhibits

Apple museumWhile the first floor of the museum in Prague belongs primarily personality of Steve Jobs – see you like his clothes and numerous photos or listen to his famous Stanford speech on the second floor of the museum in Prague will captivate itself a collection of computers, which is assembling several private collections, along with exhibits from museums in America. Some computers even have a bathroom. Exhibits on the course you can not touch – are placed behind glass on pedestals made of artificial stone. The ambience is very nice, like everything else that Apple has created. If you will be interested in more information than just labels in English, just when you subscribe to an internal WiFi network of museums and exhibitions in Prague and your phone suddenly becomes interactive guide.

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