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Biogas Measurement Using Modern Analyzer | EN

Measuring the composition of landfill gas and biogas has never been easier. Avoid unnecessary problems and use the quality named the Air LF biogas analyzer. Starting with an accurate measurement through a transparent database of collected data and ending with the great technical parameters, everything is at the top level.

Efficient Linear NDIR Technology

The biogas analyzers we are discussing use a special linear NDIR technology. What is so special? Above all, the basic principle. It is the use of infrared radiation absorption, through which the analyzer-captured data are more stable and more realistic. This method, like the entire analyzer solution, shows a high resistance. The more accurate the data will be the more possible is to make its production more efficient for the biogas analyzer users. The great plus lies in this.


Not even the Hardware Lags Behind

The technology alone would have been essentially insignificant without the necessary hardware support. The biogas analyzer has good technical specifications. It is powered by 230V at 50VA power. For convenient control, it is equipped with a touchscreen facilitating the work with the analyzer. The device, which weighs about ten kilograms, is mostly placed as hanging on a wall on a well accessible place. It is possible to purchase as a recommended accessory for the analyzer a measured gas treatment system making the work even easier.

Economic Saving

If we look at the economic side of things, the gas analyzer is guaranteed to bring a positive light into it. It includes namely the reduction of production costs, which can be reflected in the end customer price and thus significantly save within business accounting. And this is a good thing, of course.

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