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The Basic Division of Existing Plastic Cards | EN

Plastic cards fit easily into a wallet or a smaller pocket; therefore, they are the invaluable helpers that you can take with you basically anywhere. Let us provide their division here as it will hopefully help you when choosing corporate and private plastic cards.

Magnetic Stripe Cards

The first group mentioned here are magnetic cards equipped with a stripe that stores important information about a customer. This makes it easier to communicate between a service or product provider and a customer, and there are more benefits, of course. A huge benefit of magnetic cards is getting various loyalty discounts.

magneticChip Cards

Plastic chip cards function essentially similarly as the magnetic ones; but, unlike the magnetic stripe, chips are used in this case. Those contain the essential information, such as about your employees or customers and clients. The chip cards can also be used without problems instead of the previous ‘clock cards’, i.e. the attendance control cards. They are ideal for businesses but also for personal purposes.

Barcode Cards

Barcoded plastic cards are another option. They are ideal for a variety of companies, offered also by chain stores or petrol stations, and you can very significantly save your money. We are talking about cards which make your shopping and using vari

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